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I cannot say enough about Uniglobe Action Travel

My Travel Consultant: Nicole Peter

I cannot say enough about Uniglobe Action Travel - specifically their Operations Manager, Nicole Peter.

I work at an international firm, where one of my main objectives is to organize our annual group trip – this is where we take EVERYONE in the company, not just our star performers. We grow every year and we take more every year, upwards of 400+ people, including employees, spouses, kids and friends. To add to the difficulty in planning, we have multiple office locations across North America and recently Australia. Nicole works with me every trip, which takes nearly an entire year to plan! She helps build the best itineraries from beginning to end, including flights, transportation, accommodations, activities and any other special request made – and with 400+ people, you can believe there are many!

Our company would not be able to have such an amazing experience somewhere together each year, without Nicole and Uniglobe by my side! They are always available and ready to answer my questions into the wee hours of the night.

On top of the annual trip, I constantly use Uniglobe for all my other complicated travel arrangements and am referring my colleagues, friends and family to Nicole and any member of the team for their travel needs. I know there is no better alternative – even when we aren’t in the same province!

Nicole is amazing, the team is awesome. Uniglobe will consistently provide the best service, options and prices! They don’t just become your travel agent, they become your friend.

Vancouver, BC